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About Us

Parken, located in Melbourne Australia, was founded in 1945


Parken house an extensive range of equipment including the latest in CNC Lathes & Milling Machines. We built custom made machine to Australia safety standards. It will all machines 100% Australian made.



Our manufacturing program includes.....

- Drilling Machines in floor, bench or gang type
- Abrasive Belt Grinders
-Linishing Machines
-Curving Rollers
-Automotive Clutch Grinding Machines
-Pedestal Grinding Machines
-Foam Processing Machines
-Special Machines
-Pattern Makers, Routing Machines
-Kwik Punch and Belt Guillotines
-Pilot Air Solenoid Valves




Parken Engineering Equipment Company Pty. Ltd.
74 Renver Road, Clayton VIC 3168 Australia
P: +61 3 9544 7144
F: +61 3 9562 8900